WynTennis Membership

Preferred Member Discounts, Advanced Bookings, and Exclusive Sessions with Tennis Pro Caerwyn Evans

Professional Facilities

Members get access to the prestigious facilities at Shadow Mountain Resort in Palm Desert, CA.

expert training

Members receive exclusive discounts on private lessons, liveball clinics, and 3-hr clinics with Caerwyn Evans.

Member benefits

Advanced bookings in peak season, 24-hr court access in off-peak hours, complimentary video analysis, and more!

WynTennis Membership Benefits Include…

  • Preferred Discounts on all court activity

    – $90 Private Lessons ($100 for non-members)

    – $25 Liveball Clinics ($35 for non-members)

    – $90 WynAcademy 3-hr Clinics ($105 for non-members)

  • 1 Complimentary Video Analysis

  • Advanced Bookings in Peak Season

    – For Clinics and Lessons *not court bookings.

  • 24 hour Court Access in Off-Peak Hours

  • Early Access to WynTennis Academy Camps & Retreats

  • String Labor Discounts (save 20%)

  • Access to WynTennis Member Portal


Jr Membership

  • Two Siblings: $375/year
  • Three Siblings: $535/year

Adult Membership

  • Couples: $375/year

Adult Membership

  • Couples: $375/year


Contact us to explore WynTennis Membership right for you. We’re thrilled to provide students of all ages with the best quality training, professional facilities, and a customized experience to help you achieve more on your tennis journey.